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Primorsk-Bunking  Shipping management has responsibility for the day-to-day Commercial Management of Vessels Fleet .

Our Chartering Team has a broad knowledge of the Industry, from the time-served experience of Master Mariners to specialists in fields including: Vessel Brokerage, Offshore Vessel Coordination, Offshore Subsea Transshipment, Exploration & Production, Pipeline delivery and Contract Negotiations. Our Chartering and Operational Teams have also expanded into the Search & Recovery of Aircraft fuel supply to Airlines/Airport/Filling Station, where we have amassed a wealth of expertise.

This in-depth knowledge along with our fleet of modern, well-maintained vessels and an agile management structure ensures our Clients always receive the best result.

We also have extensive experience in the Charter and Commercial Management of third-party vessels and welcome the opportunity to offer our services to Shipowners and Operators. Of particular note is our Private Free Zone Company in Russia, through which Shipowners can take advantage of significant tax benefits.   

We are specialized in tank storage and coaster Vessel chartering with a number of exclusive storage and vessel accounts as well as competitive chartering up to 60.000M3 dwt mainly in Baltic and Northern Europe but also worldwide trade. 


We are cooperating with major Russian Refineries , storage tank farm owners and shipowners, brokers operating in the European waterways and in the European inland waterways with specially equipped vessels fitted for river and sea transport.
Primorsk-Bunker exists for “Vessel Ship Terminal", "Transshipment Harbor" and "Free Harbor". We handle almost all kinds of cargo and have a strategic position in respect to all inland and water transport to/from Europe to any discharge port of in the world. 

Our vessel sail to Europe, Asia, Africa and America port. The port is equipped with all kinds of cranes for handling of cargo. We are working on all terminals  and have our own vessel at "Primorsk and Vladivostock Port" well equip tank for storage and shipment of petroleum product.

We are acting as storage of petroleum products, Transportation and shipment of petroleum products as well as exclusive chartering brokers for companies in the different sectors.


Currently, the fleet of Primorsk-Bunker includes 6 bunker tankers with a total deadweight of about 44,000 mt and 3 tugboats. Due to the presence of tankers of different capacities, each of our customers has the opportunity to choose a vessel according to their requirements.

The company's fleet annually passes mandatory vetting checks of major oil companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil and other OCIMF members for compliance with international standards for ensuring safe and high-quality transportation of petroleum products.

Each tanker is equipped with everything necessary for a quick uninterrupted pumping of oil products and is in excellent technical condition, thanks to the many years of experience of the crews and the professionalism of its own repair team.  

The Chartering of vessel include 

Name of the Charterer Company;

Address of the Charterer Company; 

Contact Email of the Charterer Company; 

Contact Telephone of the Charterer Company;  

State Registration Certificates of the Charterer Company;  

Contact Person of the Charterer Company; 

Contact Person International Passport copy ; 


 Name of of consignment’s /Name of the products;

Quantity of the products, i.e Gross or  net weight; 

Port of Loading:

Port of Discharge:     
The date of vessel’s arrival to the port of loading
Name of the Manufacturer company, which confirmed the release;
Name of the company, receiving the permission to collect the cargo;
Name of the company, to which the responsibility to pay for the Vessel Booking
Name of the company, to which the responsibility to pay for the cargo storage is transferred, stating the date, from which the company shall pay for that Vessel before loading (after the release date of Charter Party Agreement).  



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