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The tank farm provides storage of 960,000 m 3 of oil products:

The storage of petroleum at the Vladivostock Oil Terminal for transshipment is undertake by the Primorsk-Bunker Group subsidiary company ''Vostokbunker'' CJSC 


Vostokbunker, CJSC tank farm undertake Storage tanks for dark petroleum products are thermally insulated and equipped with an external heating system to maintain the set temperature of the product. Storage tanks for light petroleum products are equipped with pontoons to reduce the evaporation of petroleum products and reduce atmospheric emissions. The technological connection of tank farms with a pipeline system allows us to solve two important problems: to ensure segregated storage of various batches of oil products and, if necessary, to change the allocated tank capacity for the accumulation of specific tanker batches.


 The Primorsk-Bunker oil terminal and Vostokbunker, CJSC oil terminal provides storage of oil products in a tank farm of 37 tanks, with a total volume of 397 thousand m 3 .

The quantitative ratio of containers for storing dark and light oil products may vary.

All tanks comply with international standards and are designed to store a wide range of petroleum products.

In 2007, two reservoirs of 40 thousand m 3 were built, built using more ergonomic and environmentally friendly double-walled technology. And already in 2012, the third “forty-thousander” was successfully commissioned.
The presence of such capacious reservoirs increased the terminal's ability to store petroleum products at one time and, on the whole, improved the quality of service, providing terminal customers with greater opportunities for transshipment and storage of petroleum products.

In 2014, the Primorsk-Bunker Oil Terminal

successfully passed re-certification for compliance with ISO 9001: 2008