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Primorsk-Bunker LLC is a company engaged in cargo freight forwarding. The company has licences customs brokers and forwarders with large experience. Execution of transit procedures is one of the most important features of the Port of Primorsk and Vladivostock and that’s where Primorsk-Bunker LLC comes into play. The company also handles documents for the cargo imported and exported. The location of offices at various loading terminals is the most important parts of the Port of Primorsk and Vladivostock provides the possibility to prepare the means of transport quickly and supervise the loading works directly. Primorsk-Bunker LLC can also order road vehicles and railroad transport. If necessary, we can order services by an independent expert in order to identify the cargo’s quantity and quality.


Primorsk-Bunker “Transport” – forwarding company. The company employed certified customs brokers and forwarders with long year experience. The clearance of cargo arranged for 7 days and 24 hours work. Company makes clearance for transit cargo, which is main activity of Primorsk port and Vladivostock port, clearance for import and export cargoes. Location of offices in main ports allows making fast paper work as well as supervision by process of loading of transport. Primorsk-Bunker “Transport” provide service of transport order for forwarded cargoes. Also there is possibility to order additional cargo survey service for determination of cargo quantity and quality.