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Primorsk-Bunker is the third largest rail carrier in the Region of Primorsk.
The total annual volume of goods transported is approximately 2.0 million tonnes. The company specializes in the transport of dangerous goods (RID), especially fuel (RID 3), compressed gases (RID 2) and specialty chemicals (RID 8). However, it also transports loose substrates, such as fertilizers, etc. Thanks to a wide portfolio of foreign partners (railway carriers), the company is able to offer its customers transport with guaranteed delivery time throughout Europe,Asia,Africa and America.

Primorsk-Bunker provides ship bunkering services in the ports of the Far Eastern Region, as well as carries out bulk cargo transportation both within the country and abroad. We have been working in the maritime services market since 1998. Primorsk-Bunker received a license for bunkering in 2016, at the same time the first major asset was purchased - the tanker Refueling-12.

From the first day we have been building a business, guided by the principles: quality, safety, reliability. This allowed us to grow into a leading player in the bunkering market of ships in our region over the 20 years of work, increase our own tanker fleet, and acquire a wide range of regular customers.

This could not have been achieved without a professional and strong team! We are rightfully proud of our team! Together we have grown, gained experience, become market leaders and confidently look to the future!

Currently, the fleet of Primorsk-Bunker includes 6 bunker tankers with a total deadweight of about 44,000 mt and 3 tugboats. Due to the presence of tankers of different capacities, each of our customers has the opportunity to choose a vessel according to their requirements.

The company's fleet annually passes mandatory vetting checks of major oil companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil and other OCIMF members for compliance with international standards for ensuring safe and high-quality transportation of petroleum products.

Each tanker is equipped with everything necessary for a quick uninterrupted pumping of oil products and is in excellent technical condition, thanks to the many years of experience of the crews and the professionalism of its own repair team. 





The Primorsk-Bunker ships Petroleum oil products with vessel sea oil tankers to worldwide for which deep-water berths are provided:

For marine tankers with a displacement of up to 40 thousand tons:

2 berths No. 112-A and No. 112-B

For marine tankers with a displacement of up to 100 thousand tons:

2 berths No. PNT-3 and No. PNT-4

1 bunker berth  No. 112-B .

Nomenclature of transshipment of petroleum products:
Dark NP:

- heating oil,
- various types of bunker fuels,
- vacuum gas oil.

Light NP:

- diesel fuel ( DTL-L-K5, DT-EURO ),
- various types of bunker fuels,

- fuel for jet engines ( TS-1, KT-1 ).


Quality control of oil products shipped is ensured by our own accredited testing laboratory and controlled by independent survey companies


Characteristics of the mooring front:


Characteristics of the tanker party (recommended):
For dark petroleum products:

Carrying capacity 30 - 40 thousand tons
For light petroleum products:

Carrying capacity 12 - 20 thousand tons



Primorsk-Bunker also carries out the loading of oil products in tankers.

For this, 3 points are provided for loading oil products with a capacity of up to 5 thousand tons of oil products per month.