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4 bilateral railway overpasses provide simultaneous unloading of 526 tank cars:

Given that the terminal operates with a wide range of petroleum products, two main discharge technologies are used at the terminal during unloading:

for light petroleum products - drain without heating
for viscous dark oil products - heating drain technology
To handle viscous petroleum products such as fuel oil and vacuum gas oil, three railway flyovers were built at the terminal. The discharge technology is built on the principle of a group recirculation method for heating oil products. The group consists of 6 trains. tanks, heat exchange equipment, pumping equipment and control systems. Pumping equipment and heat exchange equipment are located directly within the drain rack. The unloading process is automated and controlled from an operator discharge. The thermal agent is a high-temperature carrier - thermal oil.

This equipment configuration and control system allow unloading of fuel oil in the summer for 4.5 - 5.0 hours and in the winter for 8.0 hours per one setting of the route for unloading. At one of the overpasses, a technical solution for the upper washing out of fuel oil was additionally implemented, which should allow reducing the time for unloading heavy fuel oils. The possibility of the appearance of such products is expected in connection with the implementation of the program to increase the depth of oil refining at oil refineries.

The discharge of light oil products is carried out in the traditional way through a common collector using a dedicated group of pumps.


An important issue during technological operations at the terminal is the preservation of the quality of petroleum products, for this purpose, on all overpasses, it is possible to separate products with different qualities and drain them through dedicated process pipelines without mixing with other products.