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Principles of Social Responsibility

  • PRIMORSK-BUNKER cares about society around it;

  • PRIMORSK-BUNKER is able and must contribute to positive change in Lithuania;

  • PRIMORSK-BUNKER on the basis of the world best practices for making social investments develops its own social programs;

  • PRIMORSK-BUNKER social policy continually contributes to the solving of the societal problems and achieving its business goals.

Applying the aforementioned principles, PRIMORSK-BUNKER shall:

  • Develop and use systems to identify and manage risks, and provide accurate information to support effective decision making;

  • Train the personnel and provide the conditions necessary the for achievement of the social responsibilities and targets;

  • Follow The Ten Principles of the Global Compact in its business operations;

  • Respect social, economic and cultural rights of stakeholders;

  • Adopt policies, standards and operating practices that ensure ongoing improvement;

  • Set operating standards that exceed the requirements of the relevant law;

  • Assess our performance against our policies and standards;

  • Encourage leadership in social responsibility from Company personnel;

  • Consult stakeholders in matters that affect them;

  • Communicate our performance in an accurate, transparent and timely manner.